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Hair Color Cycle – The long and short of it

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So you’ve now just left the salon and you’re in love with your hair color. It’s so shiny, it’s richer and it’s more bouncy than usual, so of course you want to make it last until your next visit. I’d like to share “how to” preserve your hair color but before I do, it’s important to understand “why” color evolves.

Color fades over time as pigment shifts within the hair shaft. It needs to settle into its most comfortable position (which is why it is best not to shampoo within 24 hours of your service) just as your favorite jeans learns how to mold to your personal body shape.  Here are some contributing factors that accelerate color fading:

  • Shampooing too frequently
  • Sun and light exposure (which includes office lighting, computer screen reflection, outside light exposure)
  • Heat contact from drying and styling tools
  • Outdated tools (older technology has no protection for the hair)
  • The wrong at home care products
  • Extreme weather exposure


  •  At the Urban Salon Team, we use Goldwell, a holistic hair color line designed to ensure the integrity of your hair structure and preserve the brilliance of your hair color. Let me share some key points on why Goldwell has been our color choice for over 16 years:
  • It has the smallest color molecule on the market to minimize cuticle layer lifting (see image)
  • Patented Coenzyme Technology & creamy smooth developing lotion with IntraLipid technology
  • Goldwell chemists think like stylists to create innovative products so we as stylist can create amazing end results.
  • Cutting edge training to keep us inspired and ahead of the color game.
  • Even and consistent translucency throughout the entire hair strand
  • Technology that protects from damage by neutralizing free radicals

At The Urban Salon we perform a variety of services that will ensure excellent color results and retention from mineral removal prior to your color service to our latest addition,  the “color-tini”, a color conditioning treatment which conditions and  adds pigment to revitalize the hair in between your visits in addition to a number of other color focused services for you to choose from. Here is what you can do:

  • Use prescribed at home care products recommended by your color professional. There are numerous professional at home care products however that doesn’t mean that they are the right ones for you.
  • Build a relationship with your colorist so that they can better understand your lifestyle and expectations, there is no such thing as a one hit wonder in hair color.
  • Protect your hair from free radicals caused by light exposure and heat with in salon treatments and at home care products.
  • Be honest and descriptive, “i don’t like it” is not a description it is an opinion.  “it’s too dark, its not light enough, i’d like more dimension” are descriptions that colorists can work with.
  • Understand what to expect from your salon visit prior to your apt.

The Urban Salon’s core values are to preserve the integrity of the hair through cutting edge technology from a sustainable professional color with dynamic at home care products so that you will always love the hair you wear!

Urban Salon Team Wins National Award for Client’s Loyalty

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Thank You

We couldn’t have done it without you!

The Urban Salon Team was awarded “best customer loyalty” from  Strategies Salon and Spa
Business Management
 in Chicago at the TBP15 Awards on 9/27. They were humbled and honored to receive this prestigious award honoring the loyalty of our guests.  The salon industry average for client loyalty is approximately 70-75% where The Urban Salon Team has nearly doubled since 2011 to an amazing 89% when they had been operating on an independent commission based pay scale! They were among hundreds of Strategie’s salons across the U.S. who participated in the TBP15 conference. Joining them in their photo is Neil Ducoff, founder of Strategies Salon & Spa Business Management Co. and author of “No compromise leadership” along with guest speaker  Ann Bray, owner of The Masters Salon and visionary stylist for The Hunger Games. They chose this photo with Ann included to share with you her success not because of her amazing talents but because of her emotional journey in recovering her salon from nearly closing it’s doors by joining the movement of “Team based” instead of commission based and booth rental.

The Urban Salon Team has been proud members of the strategies salon business model for four years now and operating their culture with a team based philosophy. “It took some time and determination to shift the culture and correct traditional thinking.  Long gone are the days of waiting for a stylist to return from vacation, maternity leave or even a day off. The Urban Salon clients know that it is their preference and their “time to shine” in this salon.  You can learn more of our culture here.

The Man in the Mirror

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dad quote As the month of May came to an end and the beginning of June began we shifted from doing for mom to doing for dad in celebration of their parental day and how different both events are. In my experiences the mother is more involved in creating the fathers day festivities, then the dad for mothers day, regardless of ] traditions that your family may hold fathers day is a day that we celebrate to honoring dads and unlike mothers day you may be celebrating more than one man other than the one who contributed to your birth.

I myself have two men to celebrate, my natural father who didn’t raise me on a full time (or part-time for that matter as he lived away)basis, however when I became a parent myself we created a bond  that I will cherish forever.  My “step” dad (whom i never considered a step of any sorts) raised me, provided for me, annoyed me and put band aids on my boo boos, he gave me a gift that I will cherish forever. How are they different? Their really not, because at the end of the day they both provided  me with tools and memories that came from whom they are as individuals that I value while raising my own children.

One dad loved to push me to my limits during controversy, he would never agree with me on any topic even if he truly agreed, he taught me the value of healthy conflict and  perseverance  to never give up on anything you belietwo dads (1)ve in. The other was a kid at heart, he played with his grandchildren like he was a kid himself, he broke the rules with them like it was his job and he didn’t take personally what others thought of his kindred spirit. He exemplified that “non traditional” was healthy and to always enjoy your childlike spirit.

So whether your father is a heartfelt memory or living life with you today I encourage you to you reflect on his character and the values he contributed to your existence as you move forward into life.


Mother’s Day, where did it come from?

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The “thankfulmother kissing child” job~



Every mother has experienced that special morning when you can hear your kids scurrying around the kitchen, working together to make a cup of coffee and some toast insisting that we stay in bed until they say.

The door opens and there they are with confident smiles of achievement, holding a tray with their loving masterpiece!

Mother’s day is a day to honor one’s own mother, it became a national holiday in 1914 to be celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Anna Jarvis worked to get mother’s day recognized in honor of her mother, she started her campaign in 1905 the year her mother died, her mission was to honor her own mother by continuing her work. Reeves Jarvis was a peace activist who cared for the wounded soldiers in the civil war and she helped organize “mother’s day work clubs” to educate women how to properly care for their children.   It was first celebrated in 1908 when Anna held a memorial for her mother, it is a day to set aside to honor mothers “the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world”.

After becoming a mother the days meaning shifted for me, it was much different goingdaughter kissing mom from honoring to being honored.  However I soon realized that after talking with my own daughter that the desire is the same “to spend the day honoring my mom”.

We all strive to be the best mom we can, we cherish the memories of loving times, challenging days and rewarding moments.   It means something different to each one of us, i ask you to take this mother’s day to reflect on your journey as a mother and the impact it has made on you as a woman.

We will be giving away a gift basket (valuing $200) to a special mom that describes  in three sentences only what motherhood means to you! (reply below).

Take command of you man

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Are you secretly wanting your guy to take better care of his hair? Could he be your arm candy or does he need a little help from his girl? Does his style conflict with yours? While some men may prefer to not pay much attention to their hair, others may have not found comfort with a stylist who would provide direction in a style that works for them. There’s an array of technical styles and products that could support his needs in just the right way.

Does your guy use any old shampoo? He might not know that grocery store shampoos are high in alkalinity which can be too abrasive for the hair (and scalp) then ignites the oil glands to produce more oil.  Hair weakens and is more apt to fall out only to force the follicle to go dormant and not grow hair. The activating scalp tonic provides a burst of energy to stimulate stronger hair growth. The matte paste provides slight hold and texture without shine while the styling gel light shine factor can showcase his urban cut!

Goldwell’s Dual Senses for Men was formulated with the needs of the man in mind, simple!  Spearmint, thickening with protein derivatives and normal can be used for the hair and a body wash all with a slight masculine scent.

Is your man concerned about his hairline thinning? 25% of men begin balding at 30 while 2/3 of men begin balding at 60.  We’ve taken care of that too!  DS Laboratories is a company that produces a sulfate and paraben free scalp shampoo and treatment to accelerate 25% more hair growth by the end of 90 days. It is the only company that secures a 100% money back guarantee.  The team has been thoroughly trained and educated to determine which treatment is correct for him (or her).

To be the BEST, you must train with the BEST!

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Advanced Color Training in the BIG APPLE!


Traveling to NYC to the Goldwell Training Academy was a new experience for Katie and I since the Academy just opened this year with great anticipation, however reuniting with John Simpson in the class room was even more exciting.

I have had the pleasure of training under John at the Goldwell Academy in Baltimore in previous years learning amazing techniques and gaining inspiration in the craziest ways.  John’s down to earth approach shines both on and off the stage, he listens and seems to find a way to make you feel just as talented as he is.  

We have had the privilege of attending  Goldwell’s annual Colorzoom events around the world from Paris to Miami to Las Vegas to Cancun, gaining inspiration with top colorists where John serves as a judge on a very prestigious panel.

 His playful but informative teaching keeps you craving for what’s next, his one liners such as “regrowth is not Ombre’ honey” and informing us that breakage is not texture so preserving the integrity of the hair should always be the priority.  So when we saw that he was teaching “Coloring outside the lines” we knew we couldn’t miss it!

The two day class was packed with information, formulas, techniques and what’s in store for color to come.  Ombre’ is going to be around for a while so if you’re not doing it now you better start” says john.   John to us is like Apple is to technology, he’s always finding new ways to do it different and better while applying it to our every day guests.  There were 30 people in attendance ranging from Toronto to the farthest parts of New England and of course we were honored to be representing VT!

For an added  bonus Katie and I decided to do a field trip and experience “being the client”. We researched salons and ended up making hair cut  appointments a high end salon in the city. As you can see by the photo’s we made quite a change (but not without adding a few of our own finishing touches)!  We reflected on a few things through our experience 1) shampoo assistant should smile and not be wearing a messy pony tail 2) we wish we could serve champagne to our guests 3) quality control is difficult in larger salons.  

We returned with new hairstyles, renewed  inspiration and heartfelt appreciation for what we do and who we get to do it with!


What’s White Saturday ???

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“Black Friday”, the day after thanksgiving where some get up at the crack of dawn and run to the big box stores to get big gifts at big savings in order to check the big gifts off your list. Well, the Urban Salon Team started “white Saturday” last year with such success that we couldn’t say no to another year.

When we wait until the last minute to get stocking stuffers or beauty items for that person you don’t know what to get we sometimes over spend or buy impulsively, we created “white Saturday” to eliminate that frustration so you can enjoy the last few weeks leading up to the big holiday so come see us on 11/29 from 8:30-4 for great fun and great savings! You’ll find  Gift sets (while supplies last) from all our fabulous brands, maybe an ERGO brush that you’ve been wanting for yourself, a Centrix blow dryer just like we use on you  or how about a gift card for that special someone(maybe the one you know needs a new style) well here’s how it works:

1.We provide you with an Urban gift bag, fill it with a minimum of 3 items at regular price and receive 25% off items in your bag  plus an entry into our drawing for $100 GIFT CARD

2. Every gift sets purchased (25-50% savings) earns TWO entries in our drawing

3.   $100 Gift Cards for $75!!!  (purchased for gifts only)

Come enjoy warm cider and cookies, great savings and get a jump on the rush so you can enjoy the holidays!

Moroccan Oil Professional Blow dryer giveaway!

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Whether you’ve been a Moroccan Oil product user in the past or not, there’s a reason that they are named one of the fastest growing hair care lines in the industry and this years line up of new products shows more growth in their future. They’ve had their share of copy cat’s and spin off’s but when it comes to getting it right, there’s not competition due to their patented oil extraction process.

MO Smoothing segment has been a big hit for those of you who want to blow out your locks or just tame them a little for a natural wash and wear. The care products include a luxury shampoo and daily condition and for those of you who know that hydration is necessary to eliminate frizz there’s a luxury  deep smoothing mask.  The styling cream will last longer than you can imagine since a pea size will do the trick! The box set of all three enticed so many that we’ve sold out of them twice.

The next runner up will be their dry shampoo with a surprise product to follow.  For those of you who are not familiar with dry shampoo’s, you can spray right on to the root to eliminate oil and odors so that second and maybe even third day hair can skip the washing.  Dry shampoo’s are great savings too since your washing less.

Now that cooler weather is upon us so is dryer air and dryer air brings dryer hair!  Combat winter dryness with Moroccan Oil on dry or damp hair daily, it absorbs within minutes and fills porosity sockets that just reek havoc on hair’s elasticity, put a drop or two in the palms of your hands out of the shower to hydrate your skin.  When our moisture is compromised and we all have it happen….the dreaded static flairs up, the top winter seller in any hair care line is “frizz control“, you can see the static stop in it’s tracks immediately when it touches your thirsty locks and not compromising your hard earned volume.

As you can see, it’s not hard to find two MO products that your hair will appreciate you adding into your winter regimen and with every two product purchase you earn an entry into our drawing for  the

MO Professional Series Blow Dryer (valued at more that $190!)

We will draw the lucky winner on 12/17, just in time for christmas!

What’s Ombre’ all about?

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ombre' 1You’ve seen all of the Hollywood stars with Ombre’ color from Drew Barrymore to Beyonce to Lauren Conrad. The hair world borrowed the term ‘Ombre’ from the French, meaning shaded or shading. Ombre’ color is typically darker at the root area transitioning through the middle gradually getting lightest at the ends.

This is the hottest hair color trend for a number of reasons; 1) low salon maintenance when the color at the root is closest to your natural hair color 2) it showcases more than one color which accentuates your all of your different skin tones 3) If you’ve never colored your hair this is the perfect solution to dip your toes into it and 4) Ombre’ has a multitude of options that will make you feel like a million dollars!

In November The Urban Salon Team wants you to embrace our inner goddess with Ombre month with any seamless Ombre’ for $125! You can be as bold as you want with dark to blonde or opt for a softer brown and espresso tone, some of you daring ladies might even want to try red!  The holidays are a perfect time to transition your color because you don’t have to keep it if you don’t want to but we’re pretty sure you will so we encourage you schedule soon as the offer ends November 29th!

When is YOUR next visit?

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Be sure to check out our new salon hours for your busy schedule.

Be sure to check out our new salon hours below for your busy schedule.

Are you a planner or a procrastinator? Do you wait until your hair tells you it’s time for a visit? That might work at times but for you time testers here’s a few tips:
Your continued referrals and loyalty has provided so much growth that we’re growing out of our schedule and while we are on the search for the perfect stylist to join our team we want to make sure you don’t have to wait for your perfect time, actually we believe that we are doing you a disservice if we can’t accommodate your timing wishes. Have you heard of our “move” list? Different from a “wait” list this provides us with your timing wishes when another client moves their appointment, we all know that things happen so when someone changes their scheduled time your name pops up as a candidate! You can be as specific as possible and for those of you who have experienced it you can vouch for its success!
We will make our professional recommendations on your service needs so the guess work is eliminated. We respect your wishes of your preferred stylist, however feel free to schedule with your timing needs in mind, you can split your services up amongst providers as well! Late afternoons, early evenings and Saturdays are high request times slot so we recommend making a few future appointments so that we can help eliminate the stress of getting off work and managing your already busy schedule. Appointment stress can make or break how you enjoy your visit to the salon. We’ve even gone so far as adjusted our hours! Although we are closed Sunday & Monday feel free to leave detailed messages and we always hope you respect our 24 hour cancellation policy!
T & F: 8:30am-5:00
W & TH : 10:30am-7:00
Saturday: 8:30am-3:30

While the holidays seem like light years away, they’re actually not, Thanksgiving is six weeks away, Christmas is ten and New Year’s is eleven weeks away! Here are our added hours for the holiday season so that you can have your sparkle on!
T- 11/25: 8:30-7:00
W-11/26: 8:30 -5:00
TH & F CLOSED for Thanksgiving
S -11/29: 8:30-3:30

S-12/20 8:30-5

M-12/22: 8:30-3:00

T-12/23: 8:30-7:00
W-12/24: 8:30-3:00
TH & F CLOSED for Christmas
S-12/27: 8:30-5:00

T-12/30: 8:30-7
W-12/31: 8:30-4
TH CLOSED for New Years
F-1/2: 8:30-5 & S-1/3: 8:30-3:30